Panel Upgrades and Whole-Home Surge Protectors

Ensure your home is powered right!

Service panel upgrades

Nearly every home in America has a service panel. However, many have service panels that are too small for their power needs, fire/shock hazards, or are too broken down to be safe. If your home’s panel falls into any of these categories, it is time for a panel upgrade!

Whole Home Surge Protectors

An electrical surge to your service panel can cause damage to every piece of technology plugged into an outlet. In Arizona, this especially becomes a concern during monsoon season. Fortunately, this problem is easily eliminated with a whole-home surge protector! This piece of equipment installs directly into your home’s service panel so it can absorb any kind of surge, keeping it from traveling throughout your home.

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Showed up on time and completed the job as promised. Passed the permit process with no issues. Very happy with the end result. A new safe main panel.

— Jeff B